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台灣 鳳梨王國  Taiwan - Kingdom of Pineapple

Taiwan is known for having amazingly sweet pineapples and diverse varieties available across seasons. Native to the Asian tropics, Taiwan has the best geographical advantage breeding various unique varieties of pineapples with delicate and fresh fragrance that’s simply irresistible!  The top of the fruit resembles a royal crown, or as some would say,  the feathers of the mythical Phoenix bird (鳳); and the flesh is golden like the skin of the Asian pear (梨).  In Taiwanese, the pronunciation of the word pineapple ("Ong-Lai" 旺來) sounds like a phrase of propitious blessing meaning "come forth, good fortune and future prosperity".

It is not definitely known when and how the pineapple was first introduced to Taiwan, but the earliest record of its cultivation is a vernacular geographical publication dating back in 18th century. By the 19th century, pineapples had become a common fruit throughout the island. After the end of Japanese domination in Taiwan, the government engaged in aggressive promotion of pineapple cultivation. Within a decade the region around Chiayi County had become a key producer of a hardy melting pot variety of cross-bred pineapples.


Since the varieties of Taiwan pineapples enjoy only a certain zone of temperatures with excellent drought-resistant-properties, Taiwan has ideal locations rotating along the season change throughout the southern part of the island.  Starting from the hottest south like Pingtung area where harvest season begins in March, continuing to northern area like Tainan and Chiayi area where the temperature gets higher later in June and July.  A wide variety of pineapples have also been developed including the atemoya ice-cream-tree pineapple, winter honey pineapple, ice cream pineapple, fragrant apple pineapple, perfume pineapple and etc that fits different temperatures and different season.


Domestic production of pineapple is abundant and is a plentiful fruit at the local markets.  It is a popular custom to decorate one’s home or office with symbols resembling the lucky and auspicious pineapple, thus the pineapple has been referred as the best gift for a housewarming party and upon the opening of a new business or to wish one’s favorite political candidate success at the election boxes.  The pineapple is also appreciated for its value-added advantages such as canned pineapple, pineapple juice, pineapple marmalade and jams and etc. This deliciously sweet and wonderful fruit is not only appreciated in the domestic market but highly exported as dried pineapple and traditional Taiwanese pineapple tarts which are similar to the western pineapple Newton bars. The post-production remaining pineapple can be used for making pineapple wine and vinegar.

Pineapples are also the number one export fruit in Taiwan.  The export volume grew rapidly over the last few years from 9 thousand tons in 2014 to 29 thousand tons in 2016. The export volume in 2018 broke a record with 32 thousand tons and reached to over 40 thousand tons in 2019 mainly to China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada as higher grade choice comparing with competing commodities from other origins.  The Taiwan Council of Agriculture continues seeking opportunities to new potential international market for export.   


Tainong #17 - Golden Diamond Pineapple is the largest variety of pineapples grown in Taiwan nowadays. Cultivated by Taiwan Agriculture Research Institute and released in 1998, this variety has characteristics of thinner skin and eye, the color turns yellow or sometimes slightly red when ripe releasing amazingly pleasant aroma. 


The exceptionally juicy and sweet pulp, with the fiber very thin and tender, gives it very delicate taste and texture including the core.  The entire fruit is edible after removing the skin, and almost no hurting tongue feelings aftertaste.  The average Brix of middle part is around 14.1 and summer fruit can sometimes reach 20 when fully ripe. The best Brix-acid ratio can reach 50.  The harvest is available all year round, but the peak season is around March through late June.  

All our export grade pineapple packers and growers are registered with Traceable Agricultural Product system and passed MRL test.  Currently the major markets of export are Japan and China serving higher end targeted supermarket while expanding to Singapore, Australia, Canada, etc.

Try one and feel the irresistible and addictive taste from tropical paradise.  You won't be able to stop eating it and gotta have this amazingly sweet pineapple day after day meal after meal.  Our Golden Diamond Pineapple will change your taste bud and give you a whole new experience of enjoying a pineapple. 

Watch this video for more about Taiwan Golden Diamond Pineapple:

Tainung #17 - Golden Diamond - Try the irresistible and addictive taste

台農17號 台灣金鑽  Golden Diamond Pineapple

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MRL result passing 380 chemical tests
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